Solid Colored Dustruffle Regular or Extra Long Drop Bedskirts

Solid Colored Dustruffle Regular or Extra Long Drop Bedskirts
Item# DS94038
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Product Description

Solid Colored Dustruffle Regular or Extra Long Drop Bedskirts
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These regular or extra long poly/cotton blend solid colored ruffled or tailored Bedskirts are available in easy care , pre shrunk perma press solid colors. Crib 28x52, Daybed, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Olympic, King or CalKing- Split corners and multiple lengths.

Available with regular ruffle-2.25-2.5 to 1 ratio- or extra full ruffle which is 4 to 1 ratio.

Optional matching shams available, Crib 14x20, daybed twin and full 20x26, queens are 20x28 and kings are 20x36. Each sham is lined and have lightly stuffed flange. see sham

Bedskirt available in Beige/tan White OffWhite LightGreen Peach Nude Pink Rose Fuchsia Orange Red DarkWine LightYellow GoldenYellow Gold LemonYellow Mint Olive Kelly Hunter Lime Brown Rust Copper Taupe LightPurple Purple Eggplant LightBlue Blue DarkTurquoise RoyalBlue NavyBlue Gray Black and new colors teal, dark teal, charcoal gray, powder plum, dark violet purple, Jade green, wedgewood blue and dark forest green.

please allow 2-4 weeks

Extra Full Bedskirt

Solid White Bedskirt

Beige/Tan Solid Bedskirt

Solid Light Green Bedskirt

Solid Peach Bedskirt

Solid Blush Pink/Nude Colored Bedskirt

Solid Pink Bedskirt

Rose Colored Bedskirt

Hot Pink/Fuschia Solid Colored Bedskirt

Solid Orange Bedskirt

Solid Red Bedskirt

Dark Wine/Burgundy Bedskirt

Pale Yellow Bedskirt

Golden Yellow Bedskirt

Gold Colored Bedskirt

Bright Yellow Bedskirt

Mint Green Bedskirt

Olive Green bedskirt

Solid Kelly Green Bedskirt

Solid Hunter Green Bedskirt

Solid Lime Green Bedskirt"

Solid Dark Brown Bedskirt

Solid Rust Colored Bedskirt

Solid Copper Color Bedskirt

Taupe/Khaki Bedksirt

Lilac Purple Bedskirt

Solid Purple Bedskirt

Eggplant Purple Bedskirt

Light blue/Baby blue Bedskirt

Carribean Blue Bedskirt

Solid Turquoise Ruffled Bedskirt

Royal Blue Bedskirt

Solid Navy Blue Bedskirt

Solid Medium Grey Bedskirt

Silver Grey Ruffled Bedskirt

Solid Black Ruffled Bedskirt

Solid Teal Ruffled Bedskirt

Solid Dark Teal Ruffled Bedksirt

Solid Dark Charcoal Gray Ruffled Bedksirt

Solid Powder Plum Ruffled Bedksirt

Solid Dark Forest Green Ruffled Bedksirt

Solid Wedgewood bluel Ruffled Bedksirt

Solid Jade Green Ruffled Bedksirt